CTT’s Participation at the 2013 BioPharma Asia Convention, Singapore

Cell Tissue Technology Sdn Bhd (CTT) today announces its participation at the 2013 Biopharma Asia Convention held in Sentosa Island, Singapore from 18 – 21 March 2013.

The 2013 BioPharma Asia Convention is the largest and most strategic event in Asia that brings together more than 4,000 key stakeholders and decision makers from across the globe to explore partnership ideas, business trends and investment opportunities in Asia’s bio-pharmaceutical sector.

This year’s BioPharma Asia Convention was dedicated entirely to the value chain of the pharmaceutical industry, including innovations, technologies and methodologies in driving drug discovery development across Asia.  The convention also explored the latest technology and best practices in increasing biologic manufacturing productivity, licensing and partnering opportunities in Asia, particularly in the fields of pharmaceutical and biotechnology.  In addition, the conference also showcased the latest trends and development in Asia’s top 3 diseases – cardiology, oncology and diabetes.

The CEO of Cell Tissue Technology Sdn Bhd, Dr Khairul Baharin gave two speeches at two different sessions of the Convention.  The first speech entitled “Assessing Commercial Opportunities and Challenges for Stem Cell Applications In Asia” was delivered on 19 March 2013.  The session also involved discussions on accessing the trends, opportunities and challenges in the commercialization of stem cell applications in Asia as a viable business model.  There was an in-depth analysis of the capabilities of popular countries in Asia in commercializing stem cell applications for therapeutic and drug discovery purposes.

The second speech, titled “Formation of Autologous Bilayer Tissue Engineered Human Skin Using HPD as Biomaterials” was delivered on 20 March 2013.  The session covered a demonstration of CTT’s key product, MyDerm™.  Among the areas touched were on MyDerm™’s unique characteristics, underlying principles of tissue engineered skin using HDP as biomaterials and identifying the needs of the study towards solving current and upcoming clinical problems. This is in addition to discussions on the efforts and initiatives to recognize and ascertain suitable alternatives to the current gold-standard treatments and the journey from the laboratories to bedsides.

The events helped the attendees to gain an insight into Asia’ stem cell industry from leading pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies and research institutes to identify and assess the critical issues at the interface of stem cells and regenerative medicine.  These sessions also helped to uncover the latest breakthroughs in Asia’s stem cell industry besides getting engaged in meaningful discussions with the industry’s veterans and global heavyweights.

Such events are important and crucial to create prospects for business collaborations between basic research scientists and pharmaceutical companies.

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