Team Profile


CEO / Managing Director of Cell Tissue

MBBS (IMU), Medical Aesthetics (AAAM)
​SKM3 Aesthetic Cosmetology, Certificate in Clinical Wound Care

Dr. IDZU is a medical doctor, biomedical innovator, certified aesthetician, and young aspiring medical technopreneur. He was appointed as the CEO and later the Managing Director of a medical-based UKM spin-off company, Cell Tissue, a pioneer in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. Cell Tissue provides solutions to medical problems, focusing on skin loss. His strong sense of passion in this industry stems from working as a medical doctor, where he has witnessed a lot of cases involving major skin loss or non-healing wounds where the patient will be in extreme pain either due to the wound itself or treatment. More than his role as an M.D., Dr. IDZU spent years innovating new technologies in aesthetic medicine and wound management whilst expanding Cell Tissue. As a result, he was awarded MEGAGist Award. In addition, he earned the “Transformer of Excellence – Among the top 1% of over 1500 ventures in 54 countries” recognition by the U.S. Department of State directly under President Barrack Obama’s administration.