Why Bio-Bank?

Tissue Engineered Human Skin (TEHS)

Current surgical treatments for major skin loss, split skin grafting (SSG) and cadaveric skin transplant are limited due to the lack of organ donors and is further limited to certain cases. CellTissue, with our pioneering expertise in Tissue Engineering, introduced a new clinical product to address these issues; the autologous Tissue Engineered Human Skin (a TEHS) and the heterologous Tissue Engineered Human Skin (hTEHS).

Tissue Engineered Human Skin is derived from the cultured skin cells of a recipient; once implanted, it will grow as part of the body

Tissue Engineered Human Skin faces little to no risk of rejection as it is autologous

Tissue Engineered Human Skin permanently closes the wound, therefore preventing infections

Tissue Engineered Human Skin can be used in the treatment of chronic and non-healing wound

Tissue Engineered Human Skin is constructed using cultured healthy and viablecells promoting better outcomes for wound healing

Autologous Tissue
Engineered Human Skin (aTEHS)

The aTEHS is a self-derived engineered human skin constructed using your own cells, for implantation when you experience major skin loss due to burns, traumatic injuries or diabetic ulcers. When implanted, the aTEHS mimics your native skin, vastly improving your healing time and eliminating the risks of your body rejecting the product due to it being constructed from you. Furthermore, the aTEHS can be constructed as needed, overcoming the problems of insufficient organ donations as well as reducing treatment waiting times.

Heterologous Tissue
Engineered Human Skin (hTEHS)

The hTEHS can also be constructed for the treatment of your loved one. As the product is constructed with your cells, your family members enjoy the benefit of reduced waiting time for graft treatments, should the need arises. The use of hTEHS, donor skin grafts can promote re-epithelization, shorten healing time, alleviate pain and protect dermal and subcutaneous structures such as cartilage, tendons, bones and nerves from bacterial infections.