Message From CEO



Founder / CEO / Managing Director of Cell Tissue Technology Sdn Bhd

Greetings from all of us at Cell Tissue Technology Sdn Bhd (CTT).

CTT focuses on contributing to the better health of society by providing solutions to chronic and non-healing medical problems such as chronic ulcers, skin loss, severe burns and so on.

CTT’s core product, MyDerm® is developed through 10 years of world class research and development processes conducted at the Tissue Engineering Centre of UKM Medical Centre. The prototype underwent several tests for safety, rejection upon implantation and flowcytometry cell cycle analysis before it is set for the pre-clinical phase.

These ongoing technologies achieved in regenerative medicine offer a revolutionary approach in modern medicine. We are now able to deliver living, cell-based products to accelerate the body’s own natural healing process and enhance the body’s inherent ability to repair and regenerate.

Regenerative medicine, stems from early efforts to overcome the shortage of donor organs suitable for transplantation.Over the years, it has been transformed from a mere visionary concept into a proven science and is now able to be commercially developed and manufactured. This achievement is the pride of CTT and its research team, a testament to our capabilities and capacities to triumph in medical discoveries, locally.

CTT endeavors to create sustainable shareholders values in striving for increasing business values while providing excellent service to build customers satisfaction and confidence. We wish to become a company of world class quality and achievements in our approaches to the areas of regenerative medicine, tissue engineering and stem cell therapy.

At CTT, we believe in the power of new ideas and innovation and what differences they can deliver to individuals – their families, doctors and caregivers. Our dedication enables doctors and their patients to access and benefit from cutting-edge technology in tissue engineering and advanced medical technology. This is to us, one of the ultimate satisfactions of new ideas in medicine – aside from being profitable, CTT is able to bring scientific discoveries to the people who need them most.

We look forward to becoming a part of those who benefit from our products and services. All in the name of creating possibilities with improved and advance medical technology.

Thank you.

Dr. Khairul Idzwan Khairul Idzwan Baharin (DK)

CEO/Managing Director
Cell Tissue Technology Sdn Bhd