About Cell Tissue Bio-Bank

What is CellTissue Bio-Bank?

CellTissue Bio-Bank is Malaysia’s 1st skin cells bio-banking service in which Malaysians can bank in their skin cells in a top-notch cryopreservation facility for future use.

​Through our professionals, you can submit a small skin sample, which will be sent to CellTissue’s cGMP certified laboratory for skin cell extraction, culturing and storage by means of cryopreservation. The skin cells bio-banked can be mobilized towards the construction of a Tissue Engineered Human Skin (TEHS) and can be mobilized in various new (and ongoing research) methods for the treatment of skin loss.

With skin cells bio-banking, you can be assured that your skin cells are always available for the construction of TEHS. This negates the risks that come with the current available treatments, particularly, the lack of organ donations (Which is at only 1.4% of Malaysian as registered organ donors).