Advanced Wound Care Centre (CAWCC) – A Step Closer to Achieving Optimized Wound Care

Celllora Clinic announces its principal direction as an Advanced Wound Care Centre, leveraging on advanced technologies such as Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering and Cellular Research to treat multitudes of wound cases.

Non-healing wounds and skin loss are a major healthcare problem with a variable one percent of the global population experiencing wound care related issues at any given time and the associated costs with wound care management accounting to between two and four percent of the total healthcare expenditure. One of the major causes of these numbers is due to an aging worldwide population as well as an increased rate of diseases such as diabetes, obesity as well a notable after effect from radiation therapy. These factors have led to the establishment of wound healing groups and wound care centers worldwide.

In the past, treatment of chronic and problematic wounds is offered in a non-structured fashion whereby a mixture of different medical disciplines and healthcare workers are involved. Hence, in order to provide a comprehensive, specialized wound care program, a systematic approach to wound care management is required. Through a more organized and thorough wound care management program, a financially viable enterprise more accommodating to both; patients and healthcare professionals, can be established. 

However, in most centers, the staff are employed on a part time basis in an outpatient setting. When hospitalization is necessary, the patient is often referred to a department in dermatology, surgery, internal medicine or other relevant departments where knowledge of wound treatment is generally limited. This highlights the importance of a specialized wound care center where care can be provided comprehensively and succinctly in a one-stop center for the benefit of the patients.

Celllora Clinic offers an independent, specialized wound care center with a multidisciplinary, well-trained personnel working full-time with chronic wounds and are capable of tending to patients with multiple wound types throughout an entire treatment course. Celllora Clinic is backed by Cell Tissue Technology Sdn Bhd (CellTissue); a pioneer of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

CellTissue manufactures Tissue Engineered Medical Products to address problems such as chronic wounds and skin loss for nearly a decade, offering innovative medical products used in the treatment of such cases. Some of the very well known products include:

• MyDerm®: Classical version of an advanced 3D autograft skin substitute meant for the repair of full-thickness skin loss. The technology involves the use of a small piece of the patient’s own skin to grow to a bigger size of choice, aiding wound healing in a safer and more effective way.
• CelltiGraft™: The latest version of an advanced 3D autograft skin substitute meant for the repair of full-thickness skin loss. The technology involves the use of a small piece of the patient’s own skin to grow to a bigger size of choice, aiding wound healing in a safer and more effective way.
• FibroDerm™: Single layer autologous skin graft, comprising only dermal layer of the skin. The graft is specially meant for huge skin loss, mostly due to burn.
• K-Derm™: Single layer of autologous epidermis skin graft, composed of autologous keratinocytes, used for therapeutic purposes.
• AlGraft™: Allogenic bilayer skin graft for treating skin loss/wound.  The graft is prepared from fresh donor skin ensuring faster application when needed.
• CryoGraft™: Allogenic bilayer skin graft for treating skin loss/wound.  The graft is prepared and cryopreserved ensuring faster application when needed.
• SprayDerm™: Autologous dermal cells are suspended in a liquid to spray over the wounds, offering a faster application and preparation of wound bed especially in acute cases.

Celllora Clinic also focuses on both internal and external education due to a strong belief in continuous medical education. The results of clinical trials and research achieved in the center are distributed to other areas of the healthcare system. The center staff educates a specific number of healthcare workers who subsequently disseminate the knowledge to the whole healthcare system. This is aimed to improve the overall reach of new knowledge regarding the management of chronic wounds. They are also eager to educate the public with our regular forums aimed to increase awareness among the general public regarding what they can do to modify activities of daily living.

Celllora Clinic also offers personalized treatment through providing comprehensive solutions towards wound care management with specialized referrals from the primary and secondary health care centers; an option provided based on CellTissue’s multitude of dealings within the medical background, optimizing the wound healing process.

At Celllora Clinic, the primary vision of wound care management is through the prevention of wounds rather than the curing of wounds, using regenerative medicine to expedite the healing process of patients with the goal of keeping the patient out of the hospital environment for as long as possible. Patients with pressure ulcers/sores are usually elderly and fragile meaning that transport and consultation in the outpatient clinic poses a major stress, creating a higher risk for new ulcers.

Why choose this structure and why treat all types of wounds in a center such as this? The advantages include:

  • Development of standardized treatment plans
  • Access to relevant objective investigative methods and relevant surgical approaches
  • Higher degree of continuity in treatment
  • Treatment plan is based on a multidisciplinary assessment
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Improved possibilities for education and training of all types of healthcare personnel
  • Improved possibilities for basic and clinical research in the healing and patient care.

The idea of treating all types of wounds at the same place is based on the following considerations:

  • The staff learns the natural history of all types of wounds
  • Treatment plans for different types of wounds will be identical
  • The resources and the diagnostic and treatment armamentarium will be used optimally
  • Status of all types of wound treatment is increased
  • Ensured education is achieved alongside maximized cost-effectiveness of treatment.    

In conclusion, Celllora Clinic is an advanced wound care center consists of an independent, multidisciplinary department integrated in a national expert function is beneficial to both patients and society as a whole. A setup with personnel working full-time with all types of chronic wounds improves the compliance and continuity of treatment and care as well as providing access to relevant diagnostics and therapeutics measures to the public. This healthcare model is aimed at improving education for all; healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers and increasing the rate of wound healing.

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