AUTM Asia 2015

AUTM Asia 2015 will be the largest gathering of academic research institutions, industry, technology transfer professionals and entrepreneurs in Asia. The four-day event will feature prominent speakers from North America, Asia, Australia and Malaysia discussing on the latest technology transfer trend. 10 reasons to head over to booth 40 and say HI!

1.      Here’s your chance to experience a luxury treat at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang (if you register now) and GRAB:

  • 50% discount on our latest advanced-personalized cosmetic treatment: “Derm-Autologous – Living Skin Stem Cell Therapy” (ALL INCLUSIVE: consultation, screening, biopsy by plastic surgeon, cell culture, facial application, occlusion therapy, medication, follow up session) at only RM5,999 instead of RM11,998! Just pay 10% booking deposit and you’re on our waiting list! [further info]
  • 20% off for full microdermabrasion procedure including facial routine and facial massage at only RM290 instead of RM370! Get a glimpse of how our advanced –personalized treatment is going to be like.
  • 10% more off for any other conventional treatment available upon signing up on-site!

2.      If you’re a biomedical researcher, in need for human primary cells – Come and talk to us. Variety of cells and special offers are waiting!

3.      So you have a cosmetic line, skin or personal care products? – Get them validated and tested on our human skin or cells, so you’ll have optimized formulation – out beat your competitors!

4.      Perhaps you’re on skin related research? We can provide you with human skin, 3D skin or equivalents, monolayer or bilayer, fresh or cryopreserved, viable or non-viable; you name it, we custom-produce them for you!

5.      Are you a patient or caregiver? Here’s your chance to enroll in our clinical/case studies and experience our range of advanced treatment at no cost while contributing to medical advancement!

6.      Interested to learn more on how we do it? Register for our “GMP Workshop for Cell and Tissue Production” and secure your seats as they are limited (only 30 pax). First come first serve!

7.      Free consultation with our dermatologist/clinic director (by appointment only) and product specialists on site!

8.      Are you a doctor, surgeon, physician, aesthetician, beautician or medical researcher? Register you interest to refer your patients or incorporate our treatment in your treatment options, or even join our hands-on training so you’re one level higher from your peers!

9.      Interested in Collaborating? Partnering? Distributing? Investing? Supplying? You got that right, head over here and get the ball rolling. We may strike a good deal!

10.   Show us your support by getting to know us more, sign our guestbook and take a glimpse of what Malaysia’s very own home-grown Tissue Engineering Company has to offer!

See you there, peeps! Please contact Ms. Gargy / Mr Anwar:
+6012 719 8455 | +603 9545 3737 | |

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